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The Milk Maker

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One cleaning cloth

One easy to clean stainless steel sieve to collect the meal

  • The Milk Maker
    • How long can I keep my milk?
      Your milk will easily last 5-7 days. Leave it to cool, then store in the refrigerator.
    • What milks can be made?
      ANY nut milk; try any mix of cashews, brazils, hazelnuts and many many more. It also makes coconut, soya, rice, oat and hemp milk.
    • What else can the Milk Maker do?
      The machine has 3 functions... MILK, SOUP and BLENDING.
    • Are you left with any meal?
      Using approximately 60g of almonds will make great milk and leave a small quantity of meal, more ingredients means more meal is left. This is easily removed with the sieve we include. You can use the meal for some fun home baking - check out our Instagram and blog for ideas!
  • The Milk
    • How best to serve home-made milk?
      Either hot and or cold. It can go just as well with coffee, tea and porridge as it does in ice cold smoothies.
    • When/how can I flavour the milk?
      The great thing about home-made milks is you can use unprocessed sugars like dates to flavour the milk naturally. Add other natural flavours like vanilla, cacao, cinnamon and nutmeg when you put the nuts and water in the machine. Check out our Instagram and blog for ideas!
    • Do you have to soak the ingredients?
      You don't have to soak the ingredients. Soaking is recommended as it makes for creamier milks. (Almonds = 12 hrs, Soya = 6 hrs, coconut and others = 1 hr)
    • Why soak the almonds?
      Soaking the almonds activates them - breaking down the phytic acid that inhibits your digestion system's ability to remove nutrients from your food. It also makes a creamier milk because they swell and soften. For soya milk soaking reduces the bitter bean-y flavour.
    • Should you wash or skin almonds?
      Washing and skinning the almonds isn't necessary. However, we recommend replacing the soaking water with fresh water. Skinning the almonds can reduce the bitterness/flavour, we like our almonds with skins!
  • Cleaning
    • How can I clean my Milk Maker?
      By hand, using the included cloth, and hot soapy water.
    • Is my machine dish-washer proof?
      No, do not submerge the base or the top in water. The machine head is sealed and the power points are safe to wipe clean.
  • Shipping, Returns and Other
    • When will I receive my Milk Maker?
      Delivery occurs in three to five days, if it takes any longer please give us a call.
    • Do you have a guarantee?
      Yes, every Milk Maker comes with a one year guarantee for faults that arise throughout the period.
    • What is your returns policy on your Milk Maker?
      We will accept returns up to 28 days after you have received your Milk Maker. It must be unused and in its original packaging. We will pay for postage, please contact us before.
    • I don't live in the UK, can I still receive a Milk Maker?
      Unfortunately, our insurance doesn't allow us to ship to the US. However, we do ship to the EU; if you are from the EU, please order as normal. For the rest of the world, please email us to arrange this.
    • When will you be launching your subscription service for the ingredients?
      Very soon! In the coming month we will offer the best quality nuts and ingredients in a convenient and cheap service through your letterbox.